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Quironsalud Hospital Madrid

Private Hospital Madrid,Spain

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Quironsalud Madrid has 54,000 square meters of hospital space in a unique building in Pozuelo de Alarcón, which unites its practical nature with the comfort of patients and family.

Quironsalud Madrid offers attention to 39 medical-surgical specialties, which makes it a general hospital that is able to offer a response to all the needs that patients require. Account, among others, with 13 operating theaters, 11 diagnostic rooms for the image, surgical and oncological hospital day, Pathological Anatomy Laboratory, Clinical Analysis, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Sleep and Epilepsy Unit, Blood Bank, two endoscopy rooms and one intensive care unit for adults and one for pediatric and neonatal care. To these facilities we must add a 24-hour emergency service, both for children and adults, more than 70 outpatient consultations and the technological capacity to perform highly complex surgical procedures in all kinds of pathologies.prestigious professionals
At Quirónsalud Madrid, prestigious professionals work who coordinate their work to restore the patient's health. Together with the medical staff, Quirónsalud Madrid has a highly qualified nursing team that has extensive experience in the care of patients with complex pathologies: cardiac surgery, traumatology, maternity, neonatal and pediatric care, oncohematology, among others. The nursing team offers comprehensive and human care to both the patient and his family, with a vocation for service and great sensitivity to the patient's ailments.
High technology
The center has the highest technology for diagnosis and treatment: three magnetic resonances, one of 3 and two of 1.5 Tesla. Two computed tomography, one of them ultra-low radiation, PET-TACEThis link will open in a new window and SPECT-TACEThis link will open in a new window, image-directed surgery, Da Vinci surgical system, neuronavigator and surgery with intraoperative electromyography. The hospital also has a high-performance linear electron accelerator, a hemodynamic room and digital clinical history. To know more details about the hospital staff, click here.
Teaching and research
Quirónsalud University Hospital Madrid carries out an important teaching and research work. Its medical staff is involved in numerous clinical trials that bring the latest treatments and techniques to our patients. In addition, the commitment in the training of future healthcare professionals requires the physicians of Quirónsalud Madrid to continuously update their knowledge.

Attention and comfort
Hospitality care is another of the characteristics that characterize the care that Quirónsalud Madrid gives its patients. The center has 133 single rooms and 57 exterior suites and decorated with exquisite taste that are designed so that both the patient and the family members who accompany him feel at home. The center has its own kitchen with personalized menus according to the needs of the patient and their families, individualized waiting rooms and 1,100 parking spaces. Everything so that the healing of the patient is as comfortable as possible.


Calle Diego de Velázquez, 1, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain


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